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Our Mission

The mission of the Schuberg Agency is to protect the financial security of our policyholders through our commitment to continued education, promptness of service, and accuracy of work. Our success, both today and in the future, is based on our integrity, professionalism, and the caring manner in which we do business.

Schuberg Agency History

Family Owned

The Schuberg Insurance Agency is a local business in its fourth generation of family leadership. The agency originally started in February 1945 by Alice Stephenson Schuberg. Since then, it has been serving the Big Rapids area with the same pledge made by Mrs. Schuberg. Her pledge was “to protect the financial security of the area’s businesses and families by offering them insurance protection through top notch insurance companies.”

The Ferris State Fire of 1950

The picture below captures the fire at Ferris Institute in 1950. It started at approximately 5:15 p.m. on 2/21/50. Only seconds after this picture was taken, the tower engulfed in flames, which led it to crash with a thundering roar. Four students were injured during the blaze and it also caused an estimated damage of $450,000.

In 1950, Ferris institute was insured by four local agencies: the Schuberg Agency, the Hagadone Agency, the Eldridge Muchler Agency and the Pangborn Agency. At the time, Tom Freeland was the Fire chief of the Big Rapids Fire department. And Byron Brophy, who later had a hall named after him, was the president of Ferris State College. Authorities were unable to determine a cause for the blaze. Though they suspected a disgruntled student since final exams were set for the next day.

Other schools, including Michigan State, University of Michigan, and Central Michigan University, assisted Ferris State College in getting back into operation. As a result, they were back in session within ten days. The local Lions club and the Red cross assisted authorities in helping the students. Due to the shock of the fire, governor Williams appropriated $579,000 eight days later to install sprinkler systems in all the state’s mental hospitals. Another notable local news story of the day included information on Mecosta county’s polio drive. Alongside the stories the Big Rapids Theater advertised “The Doctor and The Girl” starring Glenn Ford and Janet Leigh, and the “Sands of Iwo Jima” starring John Wayne.

The Family Tree

Alice’s brother, Ezra Stephenson, joined the firm as a real estate broker. He did so after his early discharge from the service following in World War II.

Her son Carly Schuberg was discharged from the Marine Corps and joined his mother in the business in 1946. In June 1977, Carly’s son, Rex became the third generation. Around that time, Carl looked at a photo of his grandchildren sitting on his son’s desk and said, “I have hopes we have prospects for a fourth generation to carry on this business.”

Carl had fond memories about his mother. He remarked that she may not have gone door to door to sell insurance, but she was so well-known for her integrity. So when she made a pledge to provide the best insurance, people came to her. “She had a huge influence on me and insisted that I be in the business. And if the truth be known, the biggest influence on any successful man’s life is his mother,” he said.

Mrs. Schuberg was an active participant in the local community. Some of her most notable roles were as the President of the PTA, the President of the Women’s American Legion Auxiliary and she also served as a Gray Lady during WWII.

Present Day

Today the Schuberg Agency still continues to fulfill the founder’s pledge. They provide financial security for the Big Rapids area with life, auto, home, annuities, and business insurance. The Schuberg Agency protects the financial security of the area’s residents and businesses. They do so through sound insurance advice, a selection of good paying insurance companies, and superior service. These are some of the key reasons the Schuberg Insurance Agency is likely to be around for another 50 years.

More about Carley & Alice

Alice Stephenson Schuberg

Alice Stephenson was born in Big Rapids on April 20th, 1887. In 1917, as a young woman, Alice attended County Normal classes at Ferris Institute. Woodbridge Ferris was the instructor of this program which was designed for future school teaches.

It was unusual for a woman to have an education beyond grade school in those days. So Alice’s achievement back then was an indication of the kind of determination she had. After graduation she taught grades 1-8 at the Chippewa Lake School, where she boarded with the Harry Dodge family. She spent her vacation times in the summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas and potato-digging time at home. After her vacations, she would board the train to Rodney to return to Chippewa Lake. Alice also taught at the Brick School and White School.

In 1923, Alice married Carl A. Schuberg, a first-generation Swede who owned Schuberg’s Bar. Carl later started the Big Rapids Livestock Auction, where Alice worked in the office. On November 26th, 1945, Alice founded the Alice M. Schuberg Insurance Agency at 109 1/2 North Michigan Ave in Big Rapids. Her commitment to superior service and community involvement are two trademarks which have continued through three generations.

Carly Schuberg

Carly Schuberg was discharged from the Marine Corps in 1946 at the end of World War II. It was then that he joined his mother in the insurance business. In 1949 he married Kathleen Hurst and had three children, Carleen, Rex, and Linda.

Over the years, Carly has been very active in the community. He served as an auctioneer for 51 years, beginning at box social functions.

He also drove horses in sulky races from 1947 to 1952. Additionally, he announced harness racing both in Mecosta County and all over the state from 1952 to 1983.

Carley retired from the insurance business in 1977 when his son Rex took over the Schuberg Agency.

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