Will reform save you money?

We all want to save money, and the initial premiums look good. However, there is No Guarantee you will save premium. In some cases, additional coverage will be needed for your protection.

Will I have to sign forms?

Signature forms for both Bodily Injury Liability and Medical will be mailed to you. It is important that you contact the Schuberg Insurance Agency to review your choices.

Why do I have to sign if I want a Bodily Injury option that is less than $250,000/$500,000?

With the new changes, there is more burden of coverage on your policy. By asking you to sign, the State of Michigan is telling you how important liability will be moving forward. You as an insured have more Bodily Injury exposure when you are At-Fault.

Can I be sued for medical expenses?

One of the new Reform changes is if you are At-Fault in an auto accident, you can be sued for the percentage you were At-Fault. For example, if I am 60% At-Fault, I can be sued for 60% of the medical cost of the injured party.

How much Bodily Injury Protection do I need?

This is unique to everyone. You need to carry enough liability coverage to protect all of your assets. Other products can also bolster your protection and broaden coverage. For example, a personal Umbrella can provide an additional $1,000,000 protection. Contact the Schuberg Insurance Agency to have a discussion.